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A web design, development, and SEO agency in Lagos working with various brands, from small business owners to well-established brands.

Dear Business Owner,

Let me share my story with you; I promise to keep it brief. 

I am Azees Ishola, the founder of XPOSEDIGITAL.

A few years ago, after finishing secondary school, I wanted to gain a new skill before attending a higher institution.

I went online, discovered blogging through Google, and created my first blog on Blogger.com, where I posted articles.

I can choose any beautiful template on this blog and install it on the blogger.com platform.

I need to learn code to edit or customize the template further to my taste.

I learned to code through Google searches and became passionate about web design.

I took a course to further my skills and created websites for fictitious companies to build my portfolio.

Despite having yet to gain any prior job experience, clients, or a university degree, I applied to various local web design companies in Lagos.

I impressed an employer in a web design firm with my portfolio and was employed; the rest is history.

I gained valuable experience while working full-time with the company for several years.

While employed full-time, I also took on freelance projects as a side gig.

However, managing a full-time job and freelance work became too much, so I pursued freelancing full-time.

I registered my company, XPOSEDIGITAL SOLUTIONS, and launched my website.

While managing my business, I returned to school to complete a Computer Science course at Yaba College of Technology.

My team at XPOSEDIGITAL comprises skilled professionals in web design, development, digital marketing, graphics design, and copywriting.

I’ll be your project manager, and my role is to lead a team that boosts your company’s revenue.

We’re here to help your business grow!

I aim to build a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with you and add value to your business.

Thank You!

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