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A web design, development, and SEO agency in Lagos working with various brands, from small business owners to well-established brands.

Dear Business Owner,

Let me share my background with you; I promise to keep it brief. 

I am Azees Ishola, the founder of XPOSEDIGITAL.

A few years ago, after finishing secondary school, I decided to learn a new skill and make some money before attending a higher institution.

So I went online to research how to make money online.

I choose network marketing business over the other suggested online businesses.

One of the strategies I used to promote the business was blogging.

I used the Blogger.com platform to create my first blog. I became so proficient with this platform that I started creating blogs for friends and members of the network marketing business for a small fee.

I loved the fact that there were free templates to install on Blogger.com, allowing me to achieve different looks and feels each time I created a new blog.

However, to fully customize these templates, I needed to learn HTML and CSS.

I taught myself to code through Google searches and became passionate about web design.

To further my skills, I took a course and created websites for fictitious companies to build my portfolio.

I applied for jobs at various local web development company in Lagos.

I impressed an employer with my fictitious web projects and was hired by a web design agency.

I gained valuable experience working full-time with the company for several years.

While employed full-time, I also took on freelance projects.

During this time, I created a job portal that generated decent income.

I used this website to practice SEO and successfully ranked it higher on Google.

I secured my first client by showcasing the results of my SEO campaign for the job portal.

However, managing a full-time job and freelance work became too much, so I decided to pursue freelancing full-time.

I registered my company, XPOSEDIGITAL SOLUTIONS, and launched my website.

While managing my business, I enrolled in a part-time to study Computer Science course at Yaba College of Technology.

My team at XPOSEDIGITAL comprises skilled professionals in web design, development, digital marketing, graphic design, and copywriting.

I will be your project manager, leading a team dedicated to boosting your company’s revenue.

Our team is here to help your business grow!

I aim to build a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with you and add value to your business.

Thank you!


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